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D’Atizay is a locally owned small art business which specializes in custom acrylic paintings and resin items. D’Atizay is solely-owned by Darnica Jn. Charles; a tourism professional with a love for everything artsy, contemporary and creative. The brand identity arose from a synergy with both a creole word for Art – Atizay and the letter “D” to represent my personal brand.

One aspect of my business focuses on canvas and wood acrylic paintings. While the other dives into the versatile world of resin inclusive of; keychain creations, beauty, home décor and stationary items. D’Atizay was officially launched to the public in December of 2020.

The journey in the art world began during the prime stages of the COVID-19 pandemic on our island, St. Lucia. The nuances and overwhelming impact of COVID-19 presented an increase in idle time which presented the opportunity for me to explore a new found passion. Devouring YouTube channel videos and browsing social media posts of different art styles and techniques, my love for the art began and my depth of knowledge increased. Resin art and acrylic paintings are two of the rising industries in arts and crafts.

Resin is an extremely versatile substance, when dried, it is hard, strong and durable with qualities similar to plastic and glass. It’s popularity in St. Lucia has grown and in taking advantage of this versatility, I wanted to create a business which created a wide array of unique items. Our resin offerings include; but is not limited to,

Keychains: Letter, photo, DAD, MOM and other common shapes

Beauty Items: Lipstick holders, brush holders, hair clips, compact mirrors,

jewelery boxes and trays

Home Décor: Cubes, pyramids and word signs (HOME, DREAM, MR &

MRS, LOVE, and WELCOME) with or without lights

Stationery Items: Notebooks, pens, pen holders and bookmarks

What started out as fun, eventually grew into an array of unique requests to be created. D’Atizay’s acrylic painting aims to satisfy the customer’s custom need for their space. It all began with regular rectangular canvas paintings and further extended to a variety of shaped canvas, canvas pouches and wood art.

Thank you for your interest in D’Atizay, we look forward to creating something Artsy, Creative and Fun for you and yours!

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”


“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

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